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It is a well-known fact that your teenage years are the hardest years of your life. There's a lot to deal with at once such as dating, friendships, parents, school and everything else that comes your way. So who better to talk to than your friends and those who are your peers?

Teens need us because it is easier to relate to someone who is your age and who has also been through similar experiences. It is harder for teens to talk to adults because teens are learning to be independent and want to deal with their problems by themselves. Some teens see adults as authority figures who may try to control the situation by telling them what to do, inflicting emotions such as anger, shame or embarrassment for the victim. As peer educators we not only can relate to teens in this situation, but we also have the knowledge to give them the best possible support.

Due to the relationships displayed in the media, teens are forced to believe that unhealthy relationships are the norm. These are not good examples of healthy relationships. Since healthy relationships are not innate behaviors, we need to learn what a healthy relationship is. Plus, teens are starting to date for the first time and may not have positive role models of what a healthy relationship consists of. Educating our youth to distinguish healthy from unhealthy relationships is part of our mission. We want to ensure information is readily available at your fingertips!

Teens need us to teach them that dating violence is a reality and a problem that teens everywhere need to take a stand against.

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