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Has your Friend...

  • Become more isolated from family and friends?
  • Not enjoy doing activities that he/she used to enjoy?
  • Spent excessive amounts of time in contact with his/her partner?
  • Been afraid to displease their partner?
  • Changed the way they act or dress?
  • Been physically injured by their partner?
  • Become more aggravated and/or less independent?
  • Been getting nervous when they are running late?
  • Cancel plans or seem nervous to participate in certain activities?
  • Been called names, embarrassed, ridiculed, or insulted by their partner in front of you or other people?
  • Apologized or made excuses for the actions or behaviors of his or her partner?

If you said yes to two or more of these questions, your friend may be in an abusive relationship. Please refer to Assisting a Friend for tips on helping your friend through this experience.

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