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After our launch of the curriculum to about 100 Resident Assistants at the University of Hartford, we asked the students what they like best about the curriculum, these were a few of their responses:

“Presents the facts in a clear well-organized manner”

“Facts were shocking and made me aware of the dangers”

“Very helpful and useful information”

“Usually this is kind of a tough topic to cover- but it was interesting and really well done”

“It was great! Very educational"


We also collected data from pre and post surveys during the launch of the curriculum. Here are some of the results:

89% of students said that they feel prepared to teach Dating Violence to others after the presentation of the curriculum in comparison to 87% of students who said that they were somewhat prepared or less before the presentation of our curriculum.

89% of students said that TEAR’s presentation of the curriculum was very effective in helping them prepare for future issues with Dating Violence

85% of students stated they would be able to easily recognize warning signs of an abusive relationship after TEAR’s presentation of the Curriculum, in comparison to before the presentation when the students were only able to list on average 2 warning signs

91% of students stated that Dating Violence is an important issue to learn about. 7 out of 8 students say that Dating Violence is an issue on their campus.

92% of students said that they feel very comfortable providing support and help for a student experiencing an abusive relationship after presentation of the curriculum, in comparison to 51% of students who felt comfortable before the presentation.

96% of students stated that they would use this curriculum in the future


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