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The power and control wheel is a visual display of different types of abuse that occur in abusive relationships. It includes: Verbal Abuse, Emotional Abuse, Destruction of Personal Property, Intimidation, Restriction of Freedom, Sexual Abuse, Abuse of Authority, and Physical Abuse. The Power and Control wheel gives examples of the types of abuse listed above. The abuse is based on one partnerís need for having power and control over the other.



Verbal Abuse: Any verbal attempt to lower partner's self worth

Destruction of Personal Property: Any attempt to destroy or alter a personal belongings  

Intimidation: Any attempt to use looks, actions, tones, or expressions to scare your partner

Restriction of Freedom: Any attempt to limit partner's free will

Abuse of Authority: Any attempt to use authority to control partner

Sexual Abuse: Any unwanted sexual advance to partner

Physical Abuse: Any attempt to cause bodily harm to your partner

Emotional Abuse: Any attempt to manipulate partner's thoughts or feelings  




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