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There is a very popular belief that a person needs to fit a certain criteria in order to be a victim of dating violence. For example, females of a lower economic status and who have low self-esteem is often a perception that many take on. However that is a myth. Here are the facts:

Who is at risk for dating violence? Everyone.

Everyone from every...
...Social class
...Sexual orientation

Teen dating violence isn't discriminatory and it doesn't target only certain groups of people as its victims. No one person or type of person is exempt from a violent dating relationship under any circumstances.

While dating abuse statistically effects females more often, abuse happens to males, too. Don't believe us? For a boy's experience with dating violence, see our Personal Stories.

Dating Abuse can happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Dating violence is unpredictable - which is why it is important to spread awareness to everyone.

Just as there is no one type of victim, there is no one type of abuser. Abusers can be anyone from any social class, religion, culture, race, sex, origin, sexual orientation or age. Some abusers may have grown up in abusive homes while others have had healthy family relationships. Abusers don't have to "look scary" or seem physically intimidating - You can never tell who is an abuser just by a first glance. You canít predict who will be an abuser, the same way you canít tell who will or will not be a victim.

Teen Dating Violence can happen to anyone, at any age, no matter what race or religion they are. It doesnít matter what their economic background or level of education is. It can happen to couples that are living together or just dating. Education is the only prevention.

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