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Carrie | Chinonye | Shaina | Laura | Jessica


Carrie helped found TEAR after her personal experience with dating violence. She graduated from the University of Hartford with a Bachelor of Sceince Degree in Human Services. She is currently attending Seton Hall University to pursue a Master of Public Administration Degree for Non-Profit Management. Carrie loves her work with TEAR, and wants to continue to spread awareness on dating violence throughout her career.


Chinonye is a co-founder of TEAR; her main goal is helping friends who may know someone in an abusive relationship.  After her personal experience, she realized that dating violence does not only affect the victim but the support system of the victims as well.  Chinonye has graduated from Kean University with a degree in Media and Film.  Her desire is to use the media to discuss social issues such as dating violence.


Shaina has loved being apart of TEAR since it first began. Because of her own troublesome past, she works hard to reach teen girls. She graduated from Douglass College at Rutgers University.  Shaina looks forward to continuing her work advocating against Teen Dating Violence and Domestic Violence.


Laura is currently attending Indiana University where she studies sociology and pre-medicine. Along with TEAR, she is a member of her sorority Alpha Delta Pi, and Edison's First Aid and Rescue Squad # 2, and is certified EMT-B. Laura looked up TEAR to help out one of her friends involved in an abusive relationship, with her own experience in dating violence she decided to take a more active roll and join. Helping other teens soon became a passion of hers. She hopes to continue helping people through TEAR and her First Aid Squad.


Jessica is an active member and advocate of TEAR. She is dedicated to educating various communities, organizations, and audiences about dating violence.  She is involved in other independent efforts and organizations that promote prevention and education of dating violence. Her career goals are to be a domestic violence counselor and a Registered Nurse.  She is a graduate of Rutgers University. She is currently pursuing a joint degree program in which upon completion she will receive a Bachelors of Science in Nursing degree and a Masters of Science in Nurse Anesthesia.

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